12 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Site

Some of the most useful and most popular WordPress plugins

Depending on your needs, the choice of an optimal weblog engine can be quite time-consuming. There are many options, and selecting the best engine, you should know exactly what you’d like to have and which level of flexibility you’d like to achieve.

Top 12 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Site:


Is a spam filter that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they are spam or not, also checks the trackbacks for spam.

2.Plugin Follow us

Il plugin in questione è molto semplice e permette di aggiungere – in un punto qualsiasi della sidebar del tuo blog – una sezione dedicata ai vari Social Network a cui sei iscritto. Come avrai notato i Social Network sono diventati il cardine centrale della comunicazione sul web; diventa quindi di fondamentale importanza, per un buon successo del tuo blog, fornire ai tuoi lettori la possibilità di seguirti anche attraverso questi nuovi canali comunicativi.

3.HeadSpace 2

Meta-data manager on steroids, allowing complete control over all SEO needs such as keywords/tags, titles, description, stylesheets, and many many other goodies.

4.Limit Posts

Limits the displayed text length on the index page entries and generates a link to a page to read the full content if its bigger than the selected maximum length.


WordPress plugin to analyze your visitors traffic with real time stats, chart and a lot of chronological informations. It has sidebar Widget support to show current online visitors and other statistics. For WordPress 2.2 or higher

6.Welcart e-Commerce

Welcart builds the management system with a net shop on WordPress.


Support for AdSense ads and allows you to add ads to posts.


Add social bookmark links such as digg or del.icio.us to each blog entry

9.Google Sitemaps Generator

Generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO and MSN Search. XML-Sitemaps can help you to get indexed by the major search engines.

10.Feedburner Plugin

Forwards all feed traffic to Feedburner while letting through some important User-Agents.


A way for people to contact you without actually emailing you, saves time, and great way to avoid spam.

12.Anti-Spam Image Plugin

Works perfectly with users who have cookies disabled, users can pick random words to display. Alternative