Optimize Google Places

Google Places (Google My Business) is viewed and used more by Google. Why? Because the internet “is going local”. I said this one year ago and I got rolling eyes but, now get nodding heads. Just about every Google product that for location services like hotpotuses Google Places so; let’s get it right. Follow these guidelines to optimize your Google Place listing but, also keep in mind you should also fill out place listings at Bing Local and Yahoo Local too!

Optimize Google Places Tip #1

Research clearly shows that people like special offers; so, offer one for free with your Google Place listing! Just follow the instructions under the “Offers” tab.

Optimize Google Places Tip #2

Fill out all fields making sure you have a 100% score. Remember Google is interested in leveraging as much local information as possible so, help them!

  1. Unsure your operations hours are correct
  2. Include correct payment options
  3. Add a photo of your business or at least your logo
    • Upload up to 10 images (they allow it)
    • Upload your logo
  4. Add a video
  5. Add any additional details if you have any. Think search-able!

Optimize Google Places Tip #3

Include service keywords and product keywords. In the business description and other fields like “additional details”, think search-able. Use words that through search will drive people to your business, don’t just state your business mission statement!

Optimize Google Places Tip #4

Follow the Google rules. Google states that violators will loose their placement. Ask anyone who has lost their search listing or any other listing in Google and they will tell you to avoid getting on the “bad boy” Google list or you may never see your business on the web again…ouch!

Optimize Google Places Tip #5

Create action items at every opportunity. This primarily applies to your video at this time but, as Google Places expands keep this in mind. Your video should include an action item, phone numbers, web address, email address, and encourage the next step. Let’s face it, you want people to participate with your business, not just watch a video. Always leave them with the next step to take to become a participant with your business.

The Most Important Google Places Tip #6

Ask for reviews. Not only will more reviews get you placed higher in search algorithms but, research clearly states that reviews drive business. People trust people, not computers!